Frequently Asked Questions - Wireless Sensors - Hardware

Frequently Asked Questions - Wireless Sensors - Hardware

How many sensors are supported by each GATEWAY unit?
Each GATEWAY unit support about 100 sensors. Broadening the system beyond that will require another GATEWAY unit.
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Can an additional sensor be added after the system’s installation?
The system allows the addition of 100 sensors to each GATEWAY unit. Beyond that, an unlimited number of GATEWAY units can be added thus increasing the number of sensors. All the units will transmit to the same portal. 
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What is the sensors’ transmission frequency?
The system provides sensors in 3 transmission frequencies: 916 MHz, 868 MHz and 433 MHz.
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How is the information protected during the sensors’ transmission?
The wireless communication developed by the Company provides a high information safety level. The protocol used by the system is a unique protocol which does not allow wiretapping or information monitoring during the transmission. Likewise, during the transmission the information is sampled in order to ensure that no wiretapping was performed during the connection between the sensors and the GATEWAY unit and that no modification was executed in the information packets that were transmitted, this in addition to special algorithms that prevent disruptions or incorrect transmissions.
The systems operate in very low power rates and working with them requires a designated hardware which is supplied as part of the system.
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What is the average life span of the sensors’ batteries?
The sensors are designated to work for at least two or three years since the system is constructed around algorithms which allow the sensor to be in Sleep mode most of the time, waking it up only for the purpose of system updates.
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What should we do when the sensor’s battery is depleted?
The batteries can be easily replaced by the user.
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Can the sensors system be disturbed by any other devices in its surrounding area?
The sensors utilize frequencies that are used by wireless equipment, but the designated software installed in the sensors handles communication failures by repeated transmissions and by verifying that the transmissions dispatched have reached their destination.
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How can the transmission range of the sensors network be extended?
The range can be extended by using Repeater units that receive the transmissions from the sensors and retransmit them to the network. In large networks that spread out over large areas, it is possible to use several GATEWAY units such that each one of them handles some of the nearby sensors.
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Is an alert received when the sensor’s battery is running low?
One may constantly track the battery’s condition on the designated internet portal. In addition, it is possible to define an alert regarding the batteries’ condition when their replacement is required.
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