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About Us

The activity of BZ-Tech is based on many years of experience of its mother company BZ-COM Ltd.Wireless Sensors - 24/7 Monitoring which was established in 2003 and formed in order to provide our clients an additional layer of technical solutions based on many years’ experience in the fields of electronics, wireless communication, cellular communication, computerization and web-based solutions.
The activity includes products which we develop and manufacture in our facilities. we offered to our Customers off-the-shelf stock products as wall as special solutions that provide a response to diverse needs or a solution to various problems in the field.
Among the company’s products:
 “WISE” – Wireless Sensors – a network of wireless sensors which connects to the internet and to a designated portal, allowing the receipt of updated information 24/7 directly to your computer or mobile phone.
The sensors include more than 40 different types that provide a response for every need and requirement – a temperature sensor, a humidity sensor, a water sensor, a dry contact sensor, a motion sensor, an acceleration sensor and more.
Among the most common uses in which we have implemented this system you can find refrigerators, freezers, storerooms and special implementations such as computerized counting systems and unique solutions.
The system enables sending of alerts and warnings concerning deviations and exceptions through an SMS or by email to numerous users while saving history as well as a flexible capability to rapidly modify diverse parameters. 
“WIROL” – Wireless Control – a family of unique solutions for wireless command up to a distance of about 1,000 meters, allowing the transfer of command of 2 to 24 dry contacts in a very simple manner.
The system allows a variety of implementations ranging from lighting control, valves control and as far as the implementation of a full complete system designated for home automation, while providing a configuration option according to the client’s needs.
Additional solutions include wireless and cellular modems, cellular control systems and a variety of other implementations. 
The company employs a professional skilled technical team in order to locate the client’s needs, to suit the optimal solution while ensuring the quality of the equipment and its reliability over the long term.

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