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Wise System - All-Purpose Wireless Sensors

The Wise System, a product of the BZ-TECH Company, is an innovative product line including wireless sensors and advanced control systems that provide solutions in a variety of different fields such as: industry, agriculture, storage and transportation, food, medicine and more, all under one roof.
The system includes approximately 30 advanced wireless sensors utilized for measuring temperature, water, motion, humidity, magnet, tremors, illumination, pressure, acceleration, dry contact, fluid level, elasticity and flexibility and more.
For your convenience, you can control and accurately track the data received from the sensors at any given moment and in real time through a friendly internet portal, as well as perform another wide variety of actions such as: defining smart alerts and warning which will be received by a mobile phone and/or by email, data comparison, graphing, data export etc.
The system’s advantages 
  • Immediate ROI
  • Early detection of malfunctions that allows immediate reaction
  • Saving time and money
  • Enhancing the business’ efficiency.
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple installation that does not require any wiring or cutting out of walls
  • The ability to expand without additional infrastructures
  • Instant alerts and warnings received by email and/or by SMS concerning readings deviations and data exceptions
  • A friendly internet portal in which data is displayed, data can be tracked and analyzed, users and alerts can be defined and more
  • All data is stored in a Cloud therefore it isn’t lost
  • 24/7 control and tracking
  • All the sensors can be calibrated
How does it work?
1. A wireless sensor reports the relevant measures to the GATEWAY unit.
2. The GATEWAY unit communicates with a dedicated server which collects the data.
3. The server receives the data and displays it on a internet portal that allows tracking and control.
4. The system sends alerts and warnings concerning any deviation or exception according to the data you defined through an SMS or by email.
Enter into our demo site and be impressed with the system’s capabilities – www.bz-tech.net.il
User name – open.demo
Password – 12345678
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