Command and Control units - BZ-TECH

Command and Control units


                                Wireless Control unit  - WISE
שליטה ובקרה
BZ-TECH Wireless Control unit allow External control of relays while getting an alert from one of the sensors. The unit is part of the WISE system and integrate Control capability of Sensors Network on top of the other features of the WISE system including Portal and Notifications.


                                    Cellular Control Unit

פיקוד ובקרה, תקשורת סלולרית

       BZ-TECH Cellular control unit allow adding Control capabilities to the WISE
       sensors system using the Cellular infrastructure.The unit include 2   
       power relays which can be automatic controlled by an SMS alert from the
       WISE system whenever any of the sensors exceed the limits set by the user
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מד לחות, חיישן לחות, Humidity Sensor

A wireless modem for transmitting data using RS232/RS485
The modem is intended to transmit point-to-point serial communication with ranges of up to approximately 5 km LOS (line of sight). It’s designated for applications within industry, agriculture, control and automation markets
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פיקוד ובקרה

A wireless system for remote control application, between 6 to 24 channels
The system includes a transmitter and a receiver units and it’s intended to transfer remote command using wireless communication.The activation of a dry contact on the transmitting side will immediately activate a dry contact at the receiver’s output. The system allows great flexibility and control capabilities up to 1,000 meters and it’s designated for implementations within the fields of industrial control, agriculture or any implementation requiring remote control without the
ability to transfer cables
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                               A wireless system for remote control of 2 channels in Bi-Directional applications

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The system is intended for control within ranges of 100 – 200 meters and it allows control from a single point over several points while providing maximum flexibility and the capability to receive immediate response as to execution. The system is designated for a variety of implementations including industrial control, agricultural implementations and up to the construction of a home automation and control system. The wireless sensors system provides a variety of capabilities and implementations within any field
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                              Wireless Remote Control and Command for Irrigation systems Support 3-
                              12 channels

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The system includes 3 channels of transmitter and a receiver unit allowing the increase of the distance between the Irrigation computers to the Solenoids using robust wireless communication.
Just connect the controller to the system Transceiver and the Solenoids to the System Receiver and the system will immediate be connected