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Special solutions

WirelesCustom Sensors Kit (according to specific needs)
  •  The kit Contains 2-4 sensors and a gateway
  • The kit designed for sensors that are placed within a short distance from each other

Hermetic Enclosurs for Cellular Gateway
  • The hermetic enclosurs allows users to place the cellular gateway unit in rough outdoor environment in all weather conditions
  • A variety of options for charging and energy control

Special package for Cellular Gateway for solar operation that contains:
  •  an internal rechargeable battery providing up to 24 hours of continued operation in the event of a power failure
  • Solar panel
  • Dedicated Stand for the control box

special Custom solutions that includes combinations of different technologies:
  • "WISE"- Wireless sensors
  • RF Control and automation units
  • Cellular Control and automation units 

  • autonomous systems to operate Command in response to sensor data
  • Wireless control and automation systems with ranges of up to 1,000 meters
  • cellular control and automation Systems for a long distances 
  • Automatic counting systems for agriculture
  • Wireless Soil moisture systems for agriculture and an automation valves control